The best way to lease your ranch is here.

Let's increase the value of your ranch, give you more control, and provide you with peace of mind not available until now. We have developed a controlled access, habitat managed program where fish and game are optimally harvested. Our goals are aligned perfectly with yours. 

We'd like to lease your land for controlled access hunting and fishing. We offer a superior alternative to leasing your land to multiple hunters.

"Landowners have never had an opportunity like this before. By leasing to Texas Hunt Club, they now have more control, improved wildlife and habitat, and passive income with less hassle." - Cody Roberts, CEO

Landowner Benefits

Texas Hunt Club (THC) and landowners have a shared goal of improving the quality of habitat and game. This is accomplished through a comprehensive wildlife management plan including what annual wildlife surveys and dedicated THC employees who work hard to improve the land for future generations.

Maintenance of blinds, feeders and food plots is performed by THC field technicians. Our "Cowboys" are available year round and build hunting blinds for duck and deer. They also take care of our network of game cameras so members and landowners can observe the herd.

Know who's on your ranch and where they are at anytime. With our revolutionary reservation system and app, landowners have the ability to track who is currently hunting or fishing on their property and know who is scheduled to be there and where they'll be.

Controlled access insures no crowding in optimal game management. Landowners will not have to worry that their land is being over hunted. Our goal is to optimally hunt and fish your ranch.

THC offers peace of mind and reduces the hassle of dealing with multiple leaseholders. Deal with one professionally run company and spend your valuable time more productively. No more sifting through potential lessees and hoping you find responsible stewards of the land. THC will do this for you, including interviews and background checks to ensure every member that steps foot on a THC lease is vetted.

"The key is to optimally hunt and fish the land and water. We have more control as a club with controlled access than typical lease hunters do, and it's in our best interests to not over hunt, or under hunt any given ranch."  Joe Saad, Chairman