Texas Hunt Club is a new, members only hunting experience that provides hassle-free access to a network of ranches throughout Texas, for the price of a typical single location lease. Members enjoy a variety of ranches while our experienced management team does all the work. This means more time in the field, more hunting options and less stress, allowing you to focus on what really matters.


"Most of our ranches will be within a 2.5 hour drive of San Antonio / Austin and Dallas / Fort Worth."  - Cody Roberts, CEO

We believe that Texas is too big to hunt one ranch.  That's why we pursued our dream to deliver a vastly better option than the single location lease. 

Multiple private ranches across the state are available to our members who have access via our robust mobile app and reservation system. We manage these ranches to continually improve habitat for both fish and game. 

Peace of mind. Our reservation system delivers convenience and confidence that when you reserve a blind, field, or tank, only you will be there. 

Spend less time preparing for the field and more time in the field. Our cowboys across Texas are responsible for the feeders, cameras, food plots, blinds, and other ranch maintenance ops. No matter what ranch you're on, they'll even pull you out of the mud when they're available. 

Our cellular game cameras are strategically positioned across our ranches to provide members with real time images accessible online or through the app. 

Weekend outings include BBQs, dog training, pheasant hunts, project days, and dinners throughout the year. We strive to offer ample opportunities to get to know other members through group events. 

There’s now a better way to experience the great outdoors in Texas. Using disruptive technology and a better business model, we have built a vastly superior alternative to today’s single location lease.